Since the inception of the CPSA, there have been three researchers working on the project, Maurice Danaher, Kevin Schoepp, and Ashley Ater Kranov, while there has been significant contribution from others. More recently, with latest research grant awarded, Anthony Rhodes, has joined the research team.

We are looking forward to hearing from other researchers about their CPSA work or to discuss potential collaborations.

Maurice Danaher is an Associate Professor in the College of Technological Innovation at Zayed University, United Arab Emirates. He received his PhD in Computing and Information Systems from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. His research has been in the areas of Information Technology and Education.

In IT he has published in security, artificial intelligence and computer graphics. In recent years his focus in Education research has moved towards issues related to quality in education. He focuses on quality assessment, and teaching and assessing the 21st century skills.

Dr. Danaher has extensive experience in industry and academia internationally. He has worked with industry in the USA, Canada, England and Ireland. He has held academic positions in Australia and Singapore and has a considerable number of publications.

Kevin Schoepp is currently working as an independent researcher after working as the Director for the Center of Academic Excellence at Jumeira University, Dubai and in an earlier role as the Director of Educational Effectiveness at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi. Besides teaching, these roles included institutional responsibility for quality assurance, assessment, accreditation, and faculty development.

He has a doctorate in higher education leadership and a masters degree in educational technology from the University of Calgary. Prior to this he received both an undergraduate and masters degree from the University of Alberta. He has presented at numerous conferences including the Assessment Institute and the ABET symposium, and has published in some of the leading publications in higher education including Studies in Higher Education, Assessment Update and Innovative Higher Education.

His current research interests are in the development of effective assessment processes, learning outcomes, and ways to effectively assess professional skills’ learning outcomes.

Ashley Ater Kranov is an adjunct associate professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University in the United States and President of the consulting firm Global Professional Skills Assessment, LLC. Her research areas of interest are direct methods to teach and measure the professional skills necessary for 21st century computing workplace success and how to increase gender equity in engineering and computing.

Tony holds a PhD in Information Systems Security from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. He is currently employed as Chair, Department of Computing and Applied Technology, College of Technological Innovation, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates. where he has oversight of department curricula. Aside from his research interests in information security (access control), Tony is an active researcher in teaching and learning as it relates to graduate cognitive/life skills required for the transition to the workplace from higher education.

He has been at Zayed University since 2004. Prior to this appointment, Tony was a Senior Lecturer (School of Software Engineering and Data Communications) at QUT, Brisbane, Australia.