Publications and Presentations

Since the inception of the CPSA project, numerous articles, chapters, conference proceedings, and presentations have been developed. More publications are underway and a few are pending. Funding for the CPSA project has been provided by Zayed University’s Research Incentive Fund, Abu Dhabi Education Council’s Award for Research Excellence, and Zayed University’s Research Clusters.

We would welcome other researchers use of the CPSA and would like to post any related publications on this page.

Danaher, M., Rhodes, A Ater Kranov, A (2020)
Collaborative Problem-Solving through Asynchronous Discussion
Global Journal of Engineering Education, Vol 22 (2)
Danaher, M., Schoepp, K., (2020)
Effective Assessment of Workplace Problem-Solving in Higher Education
Journal of Information Technology Education: Research, Vol 19
Danaher, M., Schoepp, K., Rhodes, A. & Cammidge, T. (2019)
Student Proficiency Profiles through the Computing Professional Skills Assessment
IEEE EDUCON 2019, April 8-11, Dubai, UAE
Danaher, M., Rhodes, A. & Schoepp, K. (2019)
Reliability and Validity of the Computing Professional Skills Assessment
Global Journal of Engineering Education
Danaher, M., Schoepp, K. & Ater Kranov, A. (2019)
Effective evaluation of the non-technical skills in the computing discipline
Journal of Information Technology Education: Research
Danaher, M., Schoepp, K., Ater Kranov, A. (2019)
The Computing Professional Skills Assessment as a Learning Oriented Assessment Task
International Journal of Engineering Education
Kevin Schoepp, Maurice Danaher, Anthony Rhodes & Ashley Ater Kranov. (2019)
Assessing teamwork in a computing programme
World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education
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