The CPSA is a performance based assessment task which follows a prescriptive format.

The complete CPSA is made up of:
1. A scenario development checklist;
2. Scenarios that include an introduction and a set of guiding questions;
3. The CPSA Rubric with instructions;
4. The CPSA Users’ Manual

All the components of the CPSA are available for download and use.


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CPSA Rubrics

Full CPSA rubric CPSA rubric


Student FAQs

Method of Implementation

CPSA Users’ Manual provides information on how to implement the method, how to score the transcripts, how to analyze the data, and offers scoring examples. In addition, the Instructions for Instructors document offers practical how-to instructions for course instructors in terms of Blackboard use, specific instructions for students, and grading students individually if desired.

CPSA Users’ Manual

CPSA Users’ Manual